Our old-fashioned praline is the result of long and meticulous work.
Piedmont hazelnuts, Valencia almonds and Greek pistachios are carefully selected and roasted with care, releasing their comforting aromas and crunchy textures.

They are then caramelized in a copper basin by our artisans then crushed in several stages: with their expert gestures and their mastery of cooking, the transformation takes place.

The result: a dough with a deliciously velvety texture, with just the right amount of crunch, where the tastes of each ingredient are revealed with a subtle balance.


Our ganaches are made from carefully selected chocolates from the most prestigious regions of the cocoa world: Honduras, Venezuela, Panama…

Cocoa beans are harvested from ethical and sustainable plantations, respecting both nature and the growers. These exceptional cocoa beans bring complex and varied aromas to our ganaches, each telling the story of the terroir of origin.

Our artisans expertly examine each ganache recipe, ensuring that the consistency is ideal to melt deliciously in the mouth, releasing the complex flavors and nuances of cocoa.

LOUIS FOUQUET is part of the Chocolatier Engagé collective, whose objective is to humanely and ecologically supervise the harvest of cocoa beans around the world.

Fruity palates

Our fruity palets, fruit jellies with an iconic round shape, are the result of work without compromising on taste. Each fruit is chosen with the greatest care, for its quality and optimal maturity: Burgundy blackcurrant, guariguette strawberry, Menton lemon…

The aromas of the fruits are revealed in each bite thanks to an exclusive manufacturing process.

The fruit pulp is cooked in a copper basin, slowly, with a controlled quantity of sugar.

Then, we poach the fruit jellies one by one into small round molds, which avoids overcooking and preserves the taste of the fruit.

Our fruit jellies are then dried in order to balance their moisture content and maintain perfect softness.

An exceptional taste experience that celebrates the freshness of fruit and passion for the art of confectionery.

the salvators

With its soft caramel heart coated with crunchy caramel, the Salvator is one of the House's institutions.

The process of creating this delicacy has remained unchanged since the 1930s, when Salvator, an artisan confectioner then working in our workshops, developed this delicious treat.

Each Salvator is carefully spit-tempered, one by one, in our workshops on rue Laffitte. It is a ritual that requires patience and rigor, but which rewards each tasting with an incomparable experience. The result of this artisanal process is an unrivaled balance between the sweetness of the soft caramel and the crunch of the exterior caramel.

Whether you choose the classic caramel or the fusion with dried fruits, each Salvator is exclusive to the House. It is an experience that you will not find anywhere else, an invitation to taste a treasure resulting from the heritage know-how of LOUIS FOUQUET.


The tender caramels, carefully prepared in our copper basins, have aroused the admiration of our customers over time.

These delights, made in the traditional way, are the result of an art of authentic know-how dating back to 1900. Each caramel is the result of exceptional skill, control of temperature and time, the only guarantees with a perfect consistency and a balanced taste.

Our artisans master cooking to perfection, and know how to stop it just in time to create perfect caramelization.

This gives LOUIS FOUQUET caramels their melting consistency, their golden color and their characteristic flavor, the result of a just balance between delicate aromas and complex caramelized notes.

LOUIS FOUQUET soft caramels: a traditional treat that takes you back to childhood.

  • Made in Paris

    The “Made in Paris” label aims to promote the diversity and richness of Parisian manufacturing. Since its creation, it has rewarded and certified specifically Parisian artisans and products.

  • Living Heritage Company

    Issued by the State, the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label rewards small and medium-sized businesses emblematic of French industrial or artisanal excellence.

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