Chocolate and confectionery manufacturing

Do you use certified ORGANIC raw materials?

Some of our products are made from organic raw materials, this is particularly the case for our jams (apricots, raspberries, figs, blueberries, cherries, four red fruits, strawberries), for example. All our ORGANIC products benefit from the label which certifies production in accordance with the rules of organic certification. All our raw materials are carefully selected by us, for their taste and nutritional qualities, from the best world productions or the best French producers, to produce the best chocolates and confectionery.

Where and how are your products manufactured?

Maison FOUQUET benefits from two labels certifying the manufacture of these products, one according to ancestral methods (EPV label: Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and the other according to the place of manufacture (“Made in Paris” label). These two labels allow our customers to bring our ancestral know-how, that of chocolate and confectionery, to life, and thus favor the short circuit (for Parisians) and to consume “Made in France” for our national and international customers. . All our products are made using ancestral and traditional methods (such as making caramels, pralines, among others, in large copper cauldrons) and we transform the raw materials, which we select, in our workshops in Paris.

Products from Maison Fouquet

How can you find out about the possible presence of allergens in your chocolates/confectionery?

On our website, when you click on one of our products, a tab is dedicated to inform you of the possible presence of allergens.
In store, allergen information can be found on the product label, but you can also ask our staff for any additional information.
For any questions, do not hesitate to ask your store or contact our customer service:

Is soy lecithin used in the making of your chocolates/confectionery?

We use soy lecithin in some of our products, such as our candied chestnuts or in the making of our chocolates, particularly for the coatings.
You should know that this emulsifier allows us to improve the mixing of ingredients (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, milk, etc.) during conching (chocolate refining process).
Lecithin thus guarantees better fixation of sugar and milk with cocoa butter. It gives a better appearance and allows a longer shelf life.

Do any of your products contain peanuts?

You can look at the allergens on the product sheet for each of our chocolates and confectionery to identify the presence of peanuts. On the other hand, some of our raw materials may mention the presence of possible traces of peanut inside.
We advise you to go directly to our customer service who will be able to provide you with more information on each product.

Storage and tasting tips

How long do your chocolates last? And how should I store them?

On our website, on each product sheet, a “tasting and conservation” tab indicates methods, ideal temperatures for conservation as well as a recommended duration of consumption (after purchase).
Upon receipt of your order or in store, the best before date (best before date) of our chocolates is indicated under each product. We strongly advise you to consume our products before this date. Beyond this date, the taste properties may be altered. However, our chocolates will still remain consumable.
We recommend that you store them in a cool place between 16 and 18°C, away from any source of light.

Is it possible to store a box of chocolates in the refrigerator?

It is entirely possible to store your chocolates in your refrigerator. If you decide to store them in the refrigerator, we advise you to keep them in their original packaging, and preferably in the fruit/vegetable drawer.
If you have already opened the box or bag of chocolates, we strongly advise you to put them in an airtight box, so as not to absorb external odors. Indeed, chocolate easily absorbs fat-soluble substances, such as cheese, fish and meat flavors. In this case, the chocolate will have lost its taste qualities, and will taste “old”. Storage in the refrigerator is recommended for filled, praline or cream chocolates.
To enjoy it, it is recommended to take it out 2 hours before. Chocolate is consumed at room temperature.
In any case, whatever the storage method, the chocolate must be consumed fairly quickly, no more than 2 months.

Can I freeze my chocolates?

Too many chocolates, or want to leave chocolates for a specific date? Freezing chocolates is entirely possible!
By storing them at a temperature of -18°C, the taste qualities of the chocolates hold up well. Like any product, if frozen for too long over time, the taste qualities diminish. Don't leave your chocolates in your freezer for too long.

Fouquet house order

Are all Maison FOUQUET products available for sale online?

Some of our products are not available online, for logistical and transport reasons, or quite simply, because their sale on the website is still in progress. But you can find all our products in one of our two Parisian boutiques.

What are the delivery methods and times for your products?

We deliver within Paris and Hauts-de-Seine, free of charge* from 50 euros of purchase on our website. Delivery time varies depending on your order and our stocks. You should generally allow a maximum of 3 working days for delivery.
We also deliver to you in mainland France with Colissimo, within 3 working days, at a single rate of 6 euros. Delivery time varies depending on your order and our stocks. Between the preparation of your order and delivery, we can deliver to you within 7 working days.
Finally, collection in store is entirely possible. Order online, or by phone, and pick up your order in one of our stores. Your order will be available the same day (depending on our stocks and order time).

*Free admission applies depending on the Parisian district and the city of Hauts-de-Seine, thank you in advance for your understanding.

Is it possible to create your own assortment?

Yes, it is entirely possible to create your own assortment. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service: and send us your request. We will respond to your request as soon as possible