The head of the Ateliers LOUIS FOUQUET

Within the LOUIS FOUQUET Workshops, an eminent figure has been working for more than two decades: Alexandre, our workshop manager.

His commitment to the House, his mastery of the art of chocolate and confectionery, his obsession with the right taste and transmission, make him a cornerstone of our excellence.

A praline specialist, Alexandre shapes his creations day after day with exquisite precision, implementing know-how inherited and enriched over generations.


The Salvators artist

Betty brings good humor, balance and solidity to the team.

Its know-how expresses all the LOUIS FOUQUET artisanal mastery and attention to detail.

Her journey within the LOUIS FOUQUET teams is a story of passion and development, transforming a novice into an expert over the years.

The production of Salvator, the house's iconic specialty, is the ultimate expression of its refined and meticulous know-how, where every gesture counts to create gourmet nuggets that have been delighting young and old for decades.


Soft caramels in the heart

Thibault brings great energy to the team, both radiant and serene.

An expert in the manufacture of caramels, Thibault is entirely committed to creating products with delicate and balanced tastes, day after day.

Each of Thibault's creations demonstrates his meticulous attention to detail and his artisanal expertise, throughout the manufacturing process.


The specialist in fruity palates

Annah brings a breath of fresh air to the workshops!

His mastery of dosages and cooking allows us to leave the workshops every day with fruity palates to swoon: both soft, melting and where all the complexity of the fruits are expressed.

Authentic, slightly sweet flavors to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Each of his creations, from their conception to their sugaring, bears the mark of his passion for excellence.

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